A+,隶属香港维多利亚(中国)教育集团。集团创办于1965年,迄今已有53年的办学历史,以不断研究、探索、实践先进的教育方式而着称。二十年前,维多利亚(中国)教育集团将其成功的教育模式引入中国大陆,规模不断壮大,目前已在深圳、上海、苏州、杭州开设了10所幼儿园,和3所早教中心。   2000年,维多利亚在香港创办了 Arts Plus 早教中心,开始专注0-3岁婴幼儿早期教养指导。在短短数年间,Arts Plus 先进的育儿理念和专业的育儿经验,让无数婴幼儿和家长受益,俨然成为香港最知名的早期教养指导中心。2017年,Arts Plus 在大陆创建首家早教中心,倡导“国际教育,中西融合,温馨自然,和谐发展”的办学理念,提供纯正的双语玩学玩乐的游戏环境,实行中英文双班主任制,是东西方文化和谐交融的一所优质早教中心。


Our values at A+ is to provide a stimulating learning environment where children are inspired to learn. Through interactive and play-based activities; we dedicate ourselves in fostering children’s intellectual, emotional, social and artistic development through fun, educational, play-based activities. Our children deserve many opportunities to experiment, explore, learn, observe, play and grow.


We hold the strongest believe in that play is the most important work for everyone, especially for children! Here at A+, we strive to create an environment that will bring back ‘Pure Play’ for both children and their families by having free play, facilitated play and structured play. Free play – where children are encouraged to explore and make use of the space to make their creativity and imagination soar. Facilitated play – where our educators will follow the child’s lead and use different teaching methods to guide individual child in playing and learning; focusing on the process rather than the outcome. Structured play – where children are encouraged to follow simple step-by-step instructions for acquiring the skills or the outcome. Through these different types of play, we encourage families to explore, connect, grow and learn together.



At A+, our staff are our valuable assets and they are the heart of our school. Our experienced teaching staff are dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate about our mission and early childhood education. We are fortunate in having a diverse range of nationalities with teaching staff from: Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, US and Hong Kong, as well as our PTH teachers from: China. They are all native-English, native-Cantonese and native-PTH speakers with qualifications and experience in early childhood education. Many of our teachers hold Bachelors, Post Graduate Diploma’s or Master Degrees in the education field.


We have a total of 5 campuses in China. All our playnatoriums are purpose-built to create a natural and stimulating home-feel environment where parents and children feel comfortable interacting with their friends and teachers.


One Island South

Harbour City



L' Avenue (A+ Playlab)


DK Fortune Gate